General Construction

Licensed in the State of Florida, Green Built has constructed more than 10 million square feet and a multitude of building types for more than 30 years. Large scale or small residence, we approach every project with one goal, to complete your quality built project in time and on budget. In fact, our strict adherence to timely work schedules and quality workmanship are surpassed only by our outstanding customer service.

Green Built Construction & Development is a highly experienced company offering commercial and residential construction, renovation and remodeling services. We offer turn-key, full-service construction solutions as well as more specialized construction services in a number of capacities:

  • Custom Home Building
  • Multi-family Residential Construction
  • Renovations & Additions
  • Design Build Services
  • Commercial/Institutional Construction & Management
  • Tennant Upfit & Rental Turns

ICF Construction

Built to last, ICF constructed buildings and dwellings and strong. They offer greater impact resistance and can withstand winds over 250 mph making ICF constructed buildings safe in almost any situation.

ICF construction is an energy-efficient solution to lower utility consumption. The reduced thermal transfer and carbon emissions of insulated concrete result in a self-regulating indoor environment. This reduced mechanical requirement for regulation of heating & cooling means lower energy consumption over time and greater fiscal savings.

Strong & Safe
  • Superior impact protection from extreme weather conditions and hazards
  • Material and construction affords greater protection against fire and pests
Energy Efficient & Environmentally Sensitive
  • Lower utility consumption = energy savings
  • Better sound absorption & indoor air quality for better user environment

Steel Buildings

Whether deciding between steel building and more traditional construction solutions, or adding steel construction to an existing structure, Green Built offers one-call steel building or expansion solutions. We offer comprehensive construction solutions and can help you determine and construct the right steel building, or perhaps even a hybrid traditional/steel combination that’s right for you. We have the expertise to combine conventional wood, masonry or concrete construction with metal for an outcome that is esthetically attractive and functional.

From building design and delivery, to construction – every steel building is unique and must be engineered based on size, location and use. We have the expertise and experience with local building requirements and building code authorities to develop specifications and construct steel buildings that align with the governing municipalities in your area.

Give us a call and let us get you started on your steel building structure today.


Concrete Services

A State of Florida licensed general contractor, Green Built’s concrete services division specializes in applications for commercial, institutional, multi-family and single-family use. We can offer a variety of concrete mixes to suit your unique application, and using slip form and fixed-form methods, can fulfill a diverse range of project scopes, such as:

  • Pads, Foundations & Slabs
  • Columns
  • Cast-in-place Walls
  • Tilt-up
  • Concrete Paving, Curbs & Sidewalks
  • Concrete Reinforcement


Green Built offers full-service electrical contracting and code-compliant installation or repair for residential and commercial clients. Whether new construction, design/build out or general maintenance, our licensed electricians have the expertise to evaluate your needs and provide an estimate and timeframe you’re your project. Our experienced staff can also provide services in the areas of new, renovation and tenant build out electrical work for project scopes such as:

  • Electrical Installations
  • Repairs
  • Fuses
  • Room Editions
  • Home Remodeling

  • Code Violation Repairs
  • Generators
  • Switches
  • Breaker Panels 

Let Green Built’s highly qualified and motivated staff manage all aspects of your electrical project. Call today!



Green Built is your trusted partner for plumbing services in the areas of residential and commercial construction, repair, remodel/renovation and water, sewer and gas treatment lines. Our highly trained staff has many years of experience in the plumbing trade and will complete your project on time and with-in budget. Whether new installation, repairs or maintenance, Green Built’s licensed plumbers can assist with:

  • Water & Sewer Lines
  • Gas Line Repairs/Testing
  • Under Slab Repairs (incl. tunneling)
  • Re-pipe
  • Home Inspections

  • Standard & Tankless Water Heaters
  • Shower & Tub Remodels
  • Shower Pans & Tile Work
  • Garbage Disposals
  • High-pressure Drain Cleaning